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Specializing in helping writers explore and develop their creative writing. Many of my clients have written, published, and brainstormed creative ways to promote their projects.  

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My Misson

I want to help people learn that the only thing that can stop or pause their journey, is them. Everything you need to tell your story; you were born with. I want to lead by example. If I can do it, you can too. Better yet let me show you. What steps I took to live my best life and write about it? The more important thing that I've learned as a writer is each book you create. Will be meant for a specific person, that will be on a similar journey to yours.

I look at books as spiritual assignments. When you go through things or grow through them. There are lots of life lessons that you will pick up along the way. You are not a superhero. You can't stop people from experiencing hard times.

But you can tell your story. Providing people with an example of how to get through those times. To the next mountain where they will have to climb. Your story is the key to making some people's journey a little bit easier.

This mission is not just limited to adult. Our children have that same effect on other children. They have ideas and dreams. It's our job as mentors to nurture every one of them. Not mold them into the person we think they should be. But nurture the person within them. I've seen firsthand when they are giving the chance, they shine so bright you will need sunglasses.

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