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The Trilogy

This is a book collection for ME care. Books dedicated towards your growth to decrease the chances of stagnation. Create outside the lines rely on your internal self. It's a process. But with my step-by-step guides, you can make it an everyday practice.

Outside The Lines

It takes a lot of courage to be yourself among a world that works really hard to tell you who you are. If happiness is what you seek, learning to love yourself and accept that you are actually enough will take effort and courage on your part. My gift to you is my ability to assist you in your efforts. Take this book seriously. Complete the journal pages and stand up for yourself. There is nothing wrong in learning to create and love outside the lines. You got this!


This workbook is a tool that will help the reader dig deeper into their own transformation. Used with an open mind and determination, the reader will be on their way to being the person they were born to be.


This book is all about showing you how to effectively embrace you own imperfections. We’re going to teach you that embracing imperfection is a positive process that has the ability to bring about great changes.

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